Android Ouya Console Amazon fire TV Nvidia Shield Console Isengard Kodi Addons

Most of  these videos can be used for any platform out. Apple TV2, Android TV, openelec, Raspbmc, Ouya, Fire stick windows etc.



universal media addon isengard






sports1 tv addon






genesis kodi clear cache

Genesis addon how to clear cache and sources for fix streams




kodi genesis 5




Genesis 5 addon Update Force Refresh


iptv stalker fix 2015  iptv Stalker fix August 2015. just Change mac to: 00:1A:79:11:11:11 and clear cache TWICE!

operation robocop




Operation Robocop Addon


aeon mq6 IPTVXBMC SKIN TEASER Aeon MQ6 Skin Mod ElSabio78


tugafree addon plugin xbmc-kodi  Tuga Free Live TV



dominican addon kodi  Dominicano Addon Kodi 


vortech addon kodi  Vortech Addon Spanish Live TV


VEVO addon xbmc Vevo Addon working 


yifi addon  Yify Movies addon HD Zip


zeus  Zeus Repo Addon Kodi


channelpear  Channel Pear Podgod

amazon firestatrter apk  Amazon Firestarter 2.5 apk


skyhd android SkyHD_100.apk Free UK Live tv


Aeon mq5 skin  New Aeon MQ5 Teaser Skin

iptv stalker addon  IPTV STALKER ADDON

film dictadorFILMDICTATOR

sparkys streams  Sparkys Stream TV

iptv stalker client2    Iptv Stalker Client Free tv


t25  T25 Workout xbmc Kodi Setup

metalkettle  Movie Night Metalkettle

youtubeonfire Youtube On Fire Addon


okgoal OKGOAL Addon Futbol

Pak hindi xbmc    PAK Hindi Addon New 


VEVOxbmc    How to setup vevo addon


iptvxbmc New Live TV links

iptv new Live TV links

movie 25     Movie25 Addon Fix February 2015         download

robinhood     The Robinhood Addon Live TV                 


ZEM   ZEMTV Addon paki and Indian live TV


                                               Android TV Video

USTNow   USTVNOW  Addon Fix 2015. xbmc kodi


xmovies8  MetalKettle Xmovies8 MK Sport Erotik Movies HD download

kaosbox    Kaosbox repo. Has Digitele Sport and Phoenix download


iptv     New IPTV Links 2-2-2015

no keyboard       Kodi No Virtual Keyboard Fix

cartoons       How to Setup Cartoons

                                              How To XBMC

happy picture        New IPTV Live TV. Includes sports, USA, International and adult 3D.

vdubt25            Vdubt25 addon new Setup How to!

         SPeed Up XBMC and Stop Buffering

Duck world        How to Load Games on XBMC

Phoenix      How to Install Phoenix Addon Live TV

arabic    How to Install Arabic Addons

Xbmc cool    XBMC Kodi Fresh Start

Fusion xfinity    How To Install Fusion and Xfinity. 

sportsdevil-xbmc    How To Setup SportsDevil Fix             download

Icefilms xbmc     ICEFILMS UK FIX

Sexy time      XBMC SEXY TIME


navix2     How to Install The Latest Navi-x

Dominican      How to Setup Dominican Channels

1channel original        How to Fix No TV Shows On 1Channel

Mashup super Movies         How To Mashup November Fix 

xbmc movies pic        Mashup Alternatives

Black ouya         How To Setup XBMC on Ouya


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